Adding trendy to classic

Generally, I prefer a more classic style. To me, nothing beats a navy blazer, grey flannel trousers, grey cotton socks, black oxfords, and a nicely pressed white dress shirt. However, sometimes it’s fun to mix the trendy with the classic. What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s think about some classic looks that everybody knows of. Solid colored suits.  V-neck sweaters with dress shirts, wool pants, and oxfords. Blue jeans and oxford cloth button downs. These are tried and true looks that have stood the test of time, and can be worn by just about anyone. The problem is that some people might argue these looks can get a bit stale and boring.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum. There are lots of weird and sometimes outrageous trends out there. Take for example pairing running shoes with suits. Or puffer vests underneath sports coats. Dress pants ending at the upper ankles, or upper thigh?

I think there can be a very happy medium between the two. Take some fun and cool trends and mix them into your classic outfit. Put a little subtle flair into your otherwise “normal” clothing.

I’ll give you a recent outfit I wore as an example of mixing a little trendy into the classic:

A classic man would always wear socks, a trendy man will ditch them from time to time (or wear really short socks like I currently am). I’ll go trendy here on this otherwise classic outfit.

A classic man wears wool trousers. A trendy man wears cargo pants. Why not both?

 Adding trendy to classic

 Adding trendy to classic

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Shirt: Michael Kors

Pants: Ovadia & Sons, Gap | Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Try it out. Those that know fashion a bit will compliment you on your trendiness, while those who don’t will complement you on your classiness. Can be a good combo if I say so myself.

One day: outfit for the gym

The clock hits 5:30PM and your colleagues are starting to head home.

While your coworkers are going home to relax and essentially take the part of human-vegetable for the rest of the night, you decide to be a bit more productive. You decide you want to to get jacked, and go to the gym.

The question now is, what do you wear? You want to look stylish, but you also want to wear something practical. You want to look ripped in front of the ladies, but you also don’t want to make a fashion statement. Well, let’s talk about it a bit.

sneakers new balance 09 One day: outfit for the gym

In all honesty, I personally don’t pay much attention to what I wear when I go to the gym. I don’t care all that much about what I wear when I’m sweating like crazy. For that reason, I may not be the best role model when it comes to gym attire. However, I will say that I do notice outfits that look great on others, and believe it can pay off to look good while at the gym. Whether you want to look great in order to attract others (I mean we all know how much we love lululemon on girls), or just want to enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, it doesn’t hurt to make the effort to choose a nice gym outfit.

So let’s start with the most important part of your gym attire, your shoes. Why are they the most important? Well, because we are using our footwear for actual protection against injury while working out. Make sure to wear footwear that is appropriate for whatever you are doing. Playing basketball? Wear high top basketball shoes to protect your ankles and support your feet while you’re crossing dudes over left and right. Running? Get nice running shoes that fit well, are light, and can help lessen stress on your knees. If you’re just going to the gym to lift, I would still stick again with running shoes, as they will likely look the best and be the most versatile in case you decide to go running.

In terms of upping the pure aesthetics of footwear, make sure that your shoes are clean and simple. Thin is usually better than bulky, and laces shouldn’t be too long (eg: spilling too far down your shoe). Also make sure to wear socks. My recommendation goes to ankle socks that show just slightly above your shoe line. Just FYI, my favorite sneakers for working out are: Nike Frees, New Balance Sneaks, and Asics Gels.

You’ll also notice people wearing neon green, hot pink, light blue, and other poppy colors in their shoes. If you like it, I say go for it. These colors exist not just for aesthetics, but more importantly to help you be more visible when running in the dark. Hey, if it helps you avoid car accidents, then it’s all good in my book.

nike dri fit essentials running singlet One day: outfit for the gym

Next, shirts. My favorite type of shirt for working out is a cutoff dry-fit shirt. I’m a fan of the whole dry-fit thing that Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and other sports companies are doing. Not only does it look good, but it also feels good against your skin and helps you when you perspire. Because of the likelihood of getting stains (from your sweat or off of weights and machines), I would stay away from white, but all other colors are fair game. Stick to T-shirts or Tank tops.

Also, please make sure the shirts fit well against your body. I’ve seen people wear clothing TOO tight, or also others who buy over-sized T-shirts and cut off giant arm holes that come down to the hips, just to show off obliques, peks, and abs from the side. Come on… let’s be less tool-ish please.

When it comes to pants, I like to stick with athletic shorts when working out. I think long athletic pants work just fine as well, especially when you’ll be out in the cold, but shorts just seem the most versatile to me. Keep length right around the knee area (a little below or slightly above is fine) and again, make sure they fit nicely. If wearing long pants, make sure the length isn’t too long, as it will get uber annoying while running or being active. You’ll constantly be pulling your pant legs up, and that’s no fun.

Nike FuelBand 02 One day: outfit for the gym

A quick note: avoid accessories if you can. Unless you need a digital watch to keep track of timing (or those new wristbands that monitor your health), I would take all accessories off as they will get annoying, or get in the way of your workout. Necklace flying inthe face while running? Ring scratching against dumbbells? Not my cup of tea.

Lastly, outerwear. I think track jackets and sweatshirts work fine when in a colder environment. Otherwise, keep outerwear in the locker. I hear a lot of people give flack to hoodies, but I think hoodies look great at the gym on a winter day. I don’t want to be a broken record, but again, make sure the outerwear fits you well. Keep jackets and sweaters slim, shoulder seams hitting the right spot on your shoulders, and length ending right around your hip. Baggy is never good.

Finally, remember this is just the gym- wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. I’ve given some guidelines above for what I think looks best, but going to the gym is all about making yourself feel more healthy and confident, and what makes you feel confident is really up to you. When I go to the gym, I wear free T-shirts that my workplace gives me without shame. Do whatever you’re most comfortable with, and you should be just fine.

Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Recently, I got invited to a private menswear designer event in downtown San Francisco. It was held at the Macy’s men’s store in Union Square, and the hosts basically blocked off an entire floor to hold a social mixer. Not my usual scene, but hey, I’m not going to argue with complimentary drinks & hors d’oeuvres, a legit DJ, models, and various fashion designers/merchandisers making appearances.

Didn’t think there was anything groundbreaking that happened during the event (spent most my time talking to my +1 anyway), but I did want to share some pictures with you guys and let you know how my experience was overall. Sorry if the picture quality is mediocre. Lighting at the venue was interesting to say the least, and an iPhone can only do so well in those situations.

macys event 1 Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Some new and upcoming menswear fashion designers, like Justin Jamison, held booths at the event.

macys event 3 Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Models standing on pedestals in highly stiff poses. Fun and interesting, but kind of awkward actually.

macys event 2 Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Booths to watch fashion week runway shows. Or just to sit down and have a cocktail.

macys event 4 Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Came home with a really cool goody bag. Hugo Boss wallet, fun socks, and a rock solid wine bottle opener/aerator? Legit.

During the event, I was able to talk to a couple bloggers, clothing merchandisers, fashion designers, and uber VIP Macy’s customers. Turns out that most people were there for the free booze, so I kept menswear-talk to a minimum.

However, when it came to designers, I made sure to ask plenty of questions to find out about where their inspiration came from, what the process of designing is like, and what they look to do in the future. I’ll likely be connecting with Justin Jamison (one of the upcoming designers in the above picture) in the near future to do an interview with him and give you guys some insight into what a designer is thinking when building out clothing. Will certainly keep you updated.

Anyway, if the real point of the mixer was to get people to purchase items at Macy’s, it looks like their tactics worked. I ended up purchasing a BOSS coat that I think looks… well, boss. Thankfully, this coat stopped me from doing any big black Friday shopping, so I guess I’ll have to thank them.

Anyhow, big thanks to Macys for the invite, and also hosting the event. Was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Till next time.

Thanksgiving weekend sales galore

So as you all know Black Friday just passed. I personally went out to Union Square, San Francisco with some friends… and actually came home empty-handed. Why? Because there are so many better sales happening online!

LA Guy, an admin on, posted up an epic sales thread outlining many of the online clothing sales happening this weekend (some may have already passed). You should definitely check them out! Credit to him for compiling all these sales into one place. Go crazy, and good luck:

3Sixteen 10% off with code BF2012
Antic Boutik 11/23 only 30% off: BLACKFRIDAY2012
Arrow and Arrow 20% off
Bench & Loom 15% off (no code needed)
Boyleston Trading Co 25% off BLACKFRIDAY12
Brooks Brothers 20% off if you have a Mastercard – all other fools get 15% off.
C.H.C.M. 20% off with code THANKS
Brigade 25-40% off BLACKFRIDAY12
Club Monaco extra 30% off sale items
Context 15% off entire shop today (Saturday)
Corter Leather 20% off with code BLKFRDY; begins Friday, ends Monday
Country Club Prep: 25% off; begins Friday, ends Monday
Charles Tyrwhitt Buy 1 shirt, get 2 free; going on now, ends Monday
Defy Bags on 35% discount all purchases
Dockers 30% off orders $100 or more with code TURKEY30; going on now, ends Sunday
End Clothing 25% off all orders. No code needed.
Freeman’s 20% off with code STUFFING
Fine&Dandy Free shipping with code HOLIDAY2012 on orders $50+
Four Horsemen 20% off with code BLACK20
Gant Up to 40% off
Hickoree’s 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY
Hypebeast Store 30% off with HBGIVING12
Independence Chicago 20% off a selection
Indigo and Cotton STUFFING
Indochino 30% off all orders over $700 with code BLACKFRIDAY12
J.Crew 25% off with code COLOR25
Jil Sander 40% off with PRIVATEWINTER12
J.Press 25% off with code PSNOV12
KillSpencer on 20% discount over $300 with code BLACKFRI2012
Krane 25% outerwear with code MIYAGISAN
LandsEnd 30% off with code WONDERLAND
Neiman Marcus Last Call 40% off; going on now, ends Thursday
LL Bean 10% off with code THANKS10; going on now, ends Tuesday
Luisa via Roma 30% off with code BFCM3012U May not work for everyone
Maas&Stacks 20% with code thanks
Malford of London 20% off Edward Green shoes with code SHOESSF
Mohawk General Store 20% with code BLACKNOIR
Neiman Marcus extra 20% off sale items; going on now, ends Saturday morning]Neighbour 15% off with code THANKSNEIGHBOUR
Oi Polloi 50 gbp off 250 gbp or more. Free Shipping Code OZZY
Ok-ni with 20% off code BLACKFRIDAY20
Opumo 30% off with code WELLSPENTBLACKFRI
Ovadia&Sons Up to 30% off + free shipping with code TURKEY
Pierreponthicks 20% off with code JABBERWOCKY
Rag&Bone 20% off with code STAYWARM
Ralph Lauren 25% off sales items
Revolver SF 15% off with code THANKSGIVING
Rogue Territory 30% off orders $250 or more with code RGTBLKFRI30
Rugby Ralph Lauren 30% off
Shipley&Halmos 50% off a selection
Acrimony 11/23 – 11/25 30% off: GIVINGTHANKS
Sir and Madame 25% off plus $10 credit for every $100 spent; Friday only – call in and mention Styleforum
Tanner Goods free gifts code BLACK
The Corner 30% off with code THANKYOU
The Knottery 25% off with code GOBBLE
Unionmade free shipping COLORFUL
Whitmore 30% off with code STUFFING30
Woodlandshop 15% off with coupon code: black
WrongWeather 30% off most brands
Y-3 30% off
Yoox Extra 15% off YOOXTHANKS

Enjoy, and Happy Salesgiving!

Peacoats, and Bond… James Bond.

The cool breeze of winter is approaching. You’re trying to stay warm, but it seems like your trusty old jacket just isn’t doing it for you. Guess what? It’s time to bust out the classic winter piece… the peacoat.

bond1 Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Many of you probably own a peacoat or have owned one at some point in your life. If you don’t or haven’t, I would highly recommend going out and getting one before the start of the winter. It’s an incredibly functional and timeless piece of clothing that I think every man should own, regardless of age, stature, occupation, etc.

In case you don’t actually know what a peacoat is, let me help educate you. A peacoat is a wool (or wool blend) outer coat that was originally worn by sailors in the Navy (but obviously worn by just about anyone now). Peacoats generally have broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, metal, leather, or horn buttons, and go down in length to your upper thigh. They are also most widely available in their original color, navy, but can also come in black, charcoal, mid-grey, tan, etc.

So now that you know what a peacoat is, let me tell you why I think they’re awesome. First off, peacoats keep you warm. Real warm. Generally made out of a thick wool or wool blend, peacoats are meant to help you get through the hard winter times. I mean if they worked for naval officers out on the arctic sea, why can’t they work for you?

Second, peacoats are extremely classy, and can help elevate your look to the next level. Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or full-blown tuxedo, the moment you put on that peacoat, you’ll look more sophisticated and classy than you did before. I know, I know… it’s a more casual coat, but as long as the body of the coat is longer than your jacket, I still think it can work well with formal wear.

This brings up my third point. Peacoats are versatile. They can work on top of virtually any outfit, as they can be worn both casually and formally. Layer it on top of your henley, or use it as outerwear for your suit! A peacoat will do just fine in both situations.

bond45merge Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Now, just because peacoats are awesome doesn’t mean that any peacoat will do. I highly recommend putting a little bit of money behind one of these to ensure quality, as almost all designers will make a peacoat, and some will be of terrible quality. Personally, I think $200-$300 is a sweet spot for a solid peacoat, and I swear it’ll be worth it. The Schotts ones below will probably give you the best bang for your buck, quality-wise. Also, I would stick with navy or charcoal grey in terms of color. Lastly, make sure the coat fits nice and slim on you. You want the coat to still flatter your body and fit immaculately. Keep it relatively snug, but also make sure that you can fit a sweater or jacket underneath.

Here are some peacoats that I would recommend at different price points:

~$50-$100: Uniqlo Peacoat , Topman Peacoat

~$100-$200: J. Crew Bayswater Peacoat , Banana Republic Peacoat

~$200-$400: Schotts Peacoat , Diesel Wittory Peacoat

~$400-above: Maison Martin Margiela Peacoat , Burberry London Peacoat

So you’re probably wondering why the title of this post mentions James Bond. Well first off, I think James Bond is an amazing fashion icon, especially with Daniel Craig running the show. If you need some fashion inspiration, just watch a Bond movie and you should be set for a while; I know I always am. Second, the peacoat that I’m wearing in the pictures above is actually the same peacoat Bond wears in his latest movie Skyfall. The makers of the coat, Billy Reid, released a limited supply of them to the public right when the movie was released, and I was lucky enough to get in the first batch. Check out some of the details on this thing:

bond23merge Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Just a couple thoughts on this peacoat. First, I do think the quality is great. It’s a pretty expensive coat ($695 MSRP) so I fully expect it to be, and thankfully Billy Reid didn’t disappoint. The wool is nice and warm, the cut is slim and fashionable, and the leather trimming is beautifully done.

With that being said, I may not end up keeping the coat for a couple reasons. First, I’m not much a fan of the lapels. I think they can look great on a lot of people, but to me they jut out a bit too much. Let’s just say that when the collar is popped, my side profile is less than flattering. Second, the coat is a tad big on me. The sleeves are way too long, and instead of ending at my upper thigh, the body of this peacoat goes down to my mid thigh, and I think that might be longer than what I would consider ideal. A slightly taller man would probably love it though. Lastly, the peacoat is unlined. Nothing wrong with unlined coats, but I prefer a layer of thinsulate so that my arms don’t itch from the wool.

Anyhow, the next shipment of these babies starts in January so keep a look out in case you’re interested. It’s an excellent coat and I would highly recommend it if you like the look.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

Today is Thanksgiving, and I just want to take this time to say thanks to you all.

I’m very thankful for all of you who continue to visit simplerman, and I promise, I’ll try my best to bring you better and better content as the new year approaches and beyond. You guys are the reason I continue to do this, and because of that, I don’t regret a single moment of it.

Eat plenty of turkey, dress warm, and enjoy yourselves this long weekend.



Style rules – part 1

Ralph Lauren has been in business for quite some time (since 1967 to be exact), and has become one of the best known American fashion designers of all time.

I’d say that’s enough experience and credibility to know a thing or two about style rules that men should follow. Anyway, Ralph Lauren put up a series of menswear rules that I think are fairly spot on. Wanted to put them up here and give a bit of my commentary in case you’re interested. Here’s the first three:

style note 01 Style rules   part 1

I know why this is #1 in the series. In my opinion, it’s the most important. Fit is indeed everything, and people can tell.

Before anyone knows the brand, the fabric quality, or whatever, they can immediately tell if something fits well on your or doesn’t. This is why it is important for you to buy the right sizes, find designers that fit you well, and get things tailored if they don’t fit you well off the rack. A shirt that is 2 inches too long, or a jacket that has slightly large shoulders can really make the difference between you looking mediocre, and looking glorious (or exquisite, fantastic, amazing, simplerman-ish hah, etc.).

I know there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when finding the right fit, but just to give you the rundown, you need to pay attention to: body/pant length, body/pant width, collar size, shoulder seams, sleeve length, armhole size, waist size, and rise, among others. Don’t compromise, and use tailors liberally. Again, remember it’s #1.

style note 02 Style rules   part 1

This rule is one I agree with as well, but only to a certain extent. Yes, if you unbutton one of your shirt buttons, it is customary to take off your tie as well. However, to me, this is not a steadfast rule by any means, mainly because unbuttoned collars with loose ties can look great on the right occasions.

Do I propose you loosen your tie at a business meeting? Probably not. However, let’s say you just left a dinner party that you suited up for earlier, and are ready to dance it up at the night club. Loosening that tie may be the best look for you, as it gives off the image that you were at something important before, but now you’re ready to relax and have some fun.

style note 03 Style rules   part 1

When buying a tie, it’s important to write down or remember the width of your suit lapels. When someone wears thick peak lapels with a skinny tie, it just looks off. Likewise, wide ties don’t look very good on jackets with thin lapels. Now, the rule is that the widest part of your tie should be directly proportionate to the widest part of your lapels, but I say there’s some wiggle room there. No man will randomly come up to you to inspect your tie’s exact width against your lapel’s exact width. Frankly, that would be ridiculous, and I would probably shove that dude away for coming so close to me.

Instead, ballpark it and don’t worry if the tie doesn’t exactly match up to your lapel. Just make sure that you know which ties go with which suits in your collection, since it does actually matter what tie goes with what suit.


Anyhow, hope that helps some of you out! I’ll bring you some more of these, but thought it would be good to start somewhere.

What am I wearing 11.18.12

As many of you may know, SF is a pretty hip city. A year ago, I lived in the Mission District, and found that my attire stuck out like a sore thumb, mainly because I wasn’t wearing handmade scarves, cardigans, plaid, handlebar mustaches, and chrome bags.

Well today, I needed to go to the Mission to get some drinks with friends, so I thought it would be fun to put a little hipster flare into my outfit. (IE: cardigan, thick rimmed glasses, no socks, cuffed jeans).

 What am I wearing 11.18.12

 What am I wearing 11.18.12

 What am I wearing 11.18.12

 What am I wearing 11.18.12

Glasses: Warby Parker | Cardigan: Gap (similar) | Shirt: Thom Browne (similar) | Jeans: Levi’s

Belt: Tumi | Shoes: Simple (all organic company, just like them hipsters like it)

A couple quick things. First, I always make sure to show a bit of my shirt cuff when it’s underneath a sweater. In my opinion, it’s just a bit cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing that way. Second, I want to mention again that subtle color coordination can pay off. I coincidentally matched my jeans to the navy trim on my cardigan (on the pockets and the middle of the cardigan) and got some random compliments around that. Who’da thunk?

Also, some people might ask if my glasses are prescription or not. Well, they are indeed prescription glasses, and I am one of those people who is somewhat against wearing glasses purely for the look. If you don’t have a prescription, just thank God for your great eyesight, and keep your face bare. No need to hide parts of your face with lens-less glasses or non-prescription nonsense.

Anyhow, till next time fellas, stay fresh.

Couple Sales

Turns out that in preparation for Black Friday, there’s already a couple sales going on! Just wanted to let you know about them in case you’re looking for some new clothes at decent prices.

1. Land’s End

flannel Couple Salesflannel1 Couple Sales

The value king Land’s End is having a 40% off of one item sale. Again, I stand behind the quality of this company (for the price). Great for basics and staples. Some items I recommend are the Stormer Parka, Tartan Shirts, and my recent obsession: Fair Isle Sweaters. Good stuff, good prices, go for it.

2. J. Crew

j crew shawl card Couple Sales

I’m not too much a fan of J. Crew at retail price, but when items go on sale, my eyes usually light up. Right now they’re taking 30% off of their sale items with the promotional code MUSTHAVE. I would recommend checking out some of their Thomas Mason shirts (I own a couple and love them), New Balance sneakers, Timex watches, and Billy Reid sneakers. Damn does this company have some great partnerships or what?

3. Steven Alan

steven alan Couple Sales

Steven Alan is another company that I don’t really care for at retail price. However, on sale, my mood changes drastically. Quality is pretty good, and design can be great. Today is the last day of their sample sale, where products are marked off up to 70%. Check out their blazers and jackets, as I think those might be the best value during their sale.

4. Gitman Vintage

gitman vintage Couple Sales

One of my favorite sites on the internet is It’s owned by Amazon, and here’s a link for them you can use. This site is very similar to, where they host daily deals, but oftentimes they have some amazing brands up there at amazing prices. Today, they’re advertising for Gitman Brothers Vintage, and I stand by their products big time. Love their shirts, I definitely recommend them.

So there you go! Have at it gentlemen, it’s time to look dapper.

One day: outfit for the office

You’ve woken up, taken a shower, and opened your closet. Gentlemen, it is time to get dressed. Let’s talk about your first outfit- your outfit for the office.

business casual wearing undershirts One day: outfit for the office

Going to the office can differ from person to person. Those who work in the tech industry, like myself, have much more freedom to wear casual clothing day-to-day. Jeans, T shirt, even flip flops are all fair game. Clearly a stark contrast from the days when I used to work in financial services. Back then, it was business casual on a daily basis, with the occasional suit for important client meetings.

Since occupation really matters when it comes to proper attire, please take my words with a grain of salt. Some people have to wear uniforms, some work from home in their sweatpants, and some work at places where the job requires constant physical activity. In all these situations, outfits will obviously differ from what I propose, so let’s just say my recommendations will cover more of a generic office setting.

1. In an office setting, no matter how casual, I think it’s still important to look as good as you can, so my first preference is to ditch the T shirts, polos, and short-sleeve dress shirts, and stick with a long sleeve button up shirt. The more casual the workplace, the more casual the button-up can be. Here are some things that distinguish a more casual button up from a more formal one.

leo One day: outfit for the office

Can have a button-down collar
Doesn’t have to be tucked in
Material drapes easier (flannels, linens, oxfords)
More patterns
Usually spread, point, or semi spread collars
Needs to be tucked in
Needs to have a “pressed” look
Less patterns

I say stay away from being too formal. Leave most accessories attached to the shirt at home (tie, tie bar, cufflinks), and roll up your sleeves if it gets too hot or you’d like to be even more casual.

2. Now for pants, it again depends on the environment you’re in, but I think your best bet is a pair of solid-colored slacks (grey or navy). If you’d like to be a bit more casual, I’d try a solid pair of dark-wash jeans or slim chinos/cords. Shorts are a no-no, patterns like camo and designs on back pockets (apart from simple lines) are also a no-no. This is not an area that you want to attract attention to. Keep it conservative, but of course well-fitted.

3. Shoes need to be a form of leather. Unless it’s casual Friday and you have leeway to wear whatever, I would make sure to stick with some sort of leather shoe, whether it be dress shoes, suede boots, or whatever. This is critically important in my mind, because shoes actually make a far larger impression on other people than you might initially think. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… leather shoes distinguish a boy from a man more than any other piece of clothing in your outfit (in my opinion, that is). For more formal situations, go with cleaner designs (like staying away from wingtips or any type of brogues), and stick with black or brown only. Oxfords and derbys will be your best bet more formally, loafers can be good once you get more casual.

4. As for accessories, I would say a watch and belt is about all that you really need. Stick with leather or steel band watches (of normal size… as watches larger than 47mm are kind of gaudy at the office) and belts that roughly match the color of your shoes.

5. Now, to top it all off, you should enter the office with some sort of outerwear. Whether you keep it on during the workday is up to you, but having a sports coat / jacket / overcoat / sweater is a good way to mix things up a bit between being at the office and being outside of it. 

There you go! Maybe you knew everything here, maybe you didn’t. Either way, I think your office-wear is going to be what you have on for the longest part of the day, so it’s important that things FIT well, and are matched well in colors / patterns / etc. When in doubt, keep it simple, and remember, this is not a setting where you want to stick out like a sore thumb.