Peacoats, and Bond… James Bond.

The cool breeze of winter is approaching. You’re trying to stay warm, but it seems like your trusty old jacket just isn’t doing it for you. Guess what? It’s time to bust out the classic winter piece… the peacoat.

bond1 Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Many of you probably own a peacoat or have owned one at some point in your life. If you don’t or haven’t, I would highly recommend going out and getting one before the start of the winter. It’s an incredibly functional and timeless piece of clothing that I think every man should own, regardless of age, stature, occupation, etc.

In case you don’t actually know what a peacoat is, let me help educate you. A peacoat is a wool (or wool blend) outer coat that was originally worn by sailors in the Navy (but obviously worn by just about anyone now). Peacoats generally have broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, metal, leather, or horn buttons, and go down in length to your upper thigh. They are also most widely available in their original color, navy, but can also come in black, charcoal, mid-grey, tan, etc.

So now that you know what a peacoat is, let me tell you why I think they’re awesome. First off, peacoats keep you warm. Real warm. Generally made out of a thick wool or wool blend, peacoats are meant to help you get through the hard winter times. I mean if they worked for naval officers out on the arctic sea, why can’t they work for you?

Second, peacoats are extremely classy, and can help elevate your look to the next level. Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or full-blown tuxedo, the moment you put on that peacoat, you’ll look more sophisticated and classy than you did before. I know, I know… it’s a more casual coat, but as long as the body of the coat is longer than your jacket, I still think it can work well with formal wear.

This brings up my third point. Peacoats are versatile. They can work on top of virtually any outfit, as they can be worn both casually and formally. Layer it on top of your henley, or use it as outerwear for your suit! A peacoat will do just fine in both situations.

bond45merge Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Now, just because peacoats are awesome doesn’t mean that any peacoat will do. I highly recommend putting a little bit of money behind one of these to ensure quality, as almost all designers will make a peacoat, and some will be of terrible quality. Personally, I think $200-$300 is a sweet spot for a solid peacoat, and I swear it’ll be worth it. The Schotts ones below will probably give you the best bang for your buck, quality-wise. Also, I would stick with navy or charcoal grey in terms of color. Lastly, make sure the coat fits nice and slim on you. You want the coat to still flatter your body and fit immaculately. Keep it relatively snug, but also make sure that you can fit a sweater or jacket underneath.

Here are some peacoats that I would recommend at different price points:

~$50-$100: Uniqlo Peacoat , Topman Peacoat

~$100-$200: J. Crew Bayswater Peacoat , Banana Republic Peacoat

~$200-$400: Schotts Peacoat , Diesel Wittory Peacoat

~$400-above: Maison Martin Margiela Peacoat , Burberry London Peacoat

So you’re probably wondering why the title of this post mentions James Bond. Well first off, I think James Bond is an amazing fashion icon, especially with Daniel Craig running the show. If you need some fashion inspiration, just watch a Bond movie and you should be set for a while; I know I always am. Second, the peacoat that I’m wearing in the pictures above is actually the same peacoat Bond wears in his latest movie Skyfall. The makers of the coat, Billy Reid, released a limited supply of them to the public right when the movie was released, and I was lucky enough to get in the first batch. Check out some of the details on this thing:

bond23merge Peacoats, and Bond... James Bond.

Just a couple thoughts on this peacoat. First, I do think the quality is great. It’s a pretty expensive coat ($695 MSRP) so I fully expect it to be, and thankfully Billy Reid didn’t disappoint. The wool is nice and warm, the cut is slim and fashionable, and the leather trimming is beautifully done.

With that being said, I may not end up keeping the coat for a couple reasons. First, I’m not much a fan of the lapels. I think they can look great on a lot of people, but to me they jut out a bit too much. Let’s just say that when the collar is popped, my side profile is less than flattering. Second, the coat is a tad big on me. The sleeves are way too long, and instead of ending at my upper thigh, the body of this peacoat goes down to my mid thigh, and I think that might be longer than what I would consider ideal. A slightly taller man would probably love it though. Lastly, the peacoat is unlined. Nothing wrong with unlined coats, but I prefer a layer of thinsulate so that my arms don’t itch from the wool.

Anyhow, the next shipment of these babies starts in January so keep a look out in case you’re interested. It’s an excellent coat and I would highly recommend it if you like the look.

  • Chris

    Would you be willing to sell the peacoat? I assume it’s size Small? Do you happen to know the measurements of the coat (chest, shoulders, sleeve length)?

    • simplerman

      Yep, it’s a size small.

      Sure, the measurements are 19 inches across from arm pit to arm pit, 18 inches from shoulder to shoulder, 29 inches in body length, 24 inches in sleeve length.

      Not 100% sure on selling just yet, but will let you know!

  • alex

    can you tell me alittle more about your build? just to have a reference on which size to order from billy reid for myself.

  • j

    Info on your height and build please! I am thinking of ordering one myself as well, but I have a similar frame. I wear an xs in the J.Crew Peacoat. Thanks!

  • Aman Basra


    Great blog can I ask what size you bought in the Bond Pea Coat. You have a build like mine.



  • simplerman

    Hi guys,

    Sure thing Alex and Aman! Bought it in a size small, and I’m 5’7″, 148lbs. Also, J, If you wear a XS in J.Crew, you might still fit into this thing fine (with some alterations on the sleeves), since the XS in J.Crew peacoats is a little larger than most XS articles of clothing.

    • Aman Basra

      Thanks for the reply, just not sure as I’m a 36 in Suits and Small is shirts but the measurements on the billy ried site seem really big. I have a lot of Paul Smith clothes and have just bought the below coat but I really like the BR pea but it looks really big on the above pictures.

  • Skyfall

    Man, I am on the brink of ordering one myself but after reading this I don’t think it will fit me. What a shame. Crying Crying Shame :,(

  • Rich Y

    I randomly stumbled upon your blog and you have convinced my to purchase a peacoat. Any idea how the Diesel Wittory and the Schotts slim fitted wool pea coat fit? I plan on making my purchase online, I am about 171cm 145lbs athletic build, quite similar to you. If you can give me a recommendation on the size that would be great.

  • simplerman

    Aman, I’m a fan of Paul Smith peacoats, as they generally fit me the best out of all peacoats I’ve ever worn. Just haven’t pulled the trigger on one myself. Good call!

    Rich, one of my buddies has the Diesel Wittory and it fits him quite well. Slightly on the trimmer side, and it’s a solid coat. However, if I’m gauging based on pure quality, I’d opt for the Schotts one. A little harder to find in stores, but not impossible. Plus, they have a good return policy I believe, so I would try it if you can!

  • j

    Damn, I fit the J.Crew Peacoat in xs but I have a very similar build compared to you. 5’7, 145lbs =(. Does it feel pretty fitted or is it roomy for you?

  • j

    Sorry for the double post, are you able to do a full length shot? I just want to gauge where the coat ends because I am the same height as you and really like the jacket

  • Mark


    What size suit do you wear? I’m a 36R and trying to figure out if the small will fit.

  • simplerman

    I normally wear a size 36S suit, and this peacoat fits more like a regular than a short for sure.

    Unfortunately I no longer have the coat, but you can kind of see where the coat ends in one of the pictures. Mid thigh for me, and a bit longer than I’d like it. The coat was a bit fitted in the chest, but everywhere else, it was slightly big. I do have a true size 37/38 chest though, so that might be why.

    And lastly, as for the Paul Smith coats, I’m a huge fan. At least fit and feel wise. Was extremely close to pulling the trigger on one because it fit me so well. I personally like those (mainline) better than this Billy Reid one, though those weren’t worn by Bond…

    • Aman Basra

      Great post.

      I bought the following Pea but not sure about the fit ill post you a pictures. It looks good when buttoned up but not when un-done

  • Aman Basra

    This is the link to the Paul Smith Coat. Let me know your thoughts and how it compares to th BR one and if you think the PS is a better fit than the BR.

    • simplerman

      Hey Aman,
      Personally, I think that fits great on you. Like I said, I’m a huge fan of Paul Smith coats, though I’ve never tried one from the PS line, which I know is lower than mainline and London. But those, I probably prefer to the Billy Reid one. The ONLY reason that the BR would even have a chance in my book is because it’s a Bond piece, and a limited run. Makes it a lot more special due to that, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d likely go Paul Smith. Good buy man.

  • Cesar

    This season’s Billy Reid peacoat (black with brass buttons) is on sale on Park and Bong for $557.00…a better price that its 799.00 listing on Billy Reid’s website and the 699 for the bond peacoat.