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rapidfirelogo Rapid fire questions

Recently, a buddy of mine asked me a bunch of quick style-related questions, and I thought it would fun to share them with you. Won’t put too much explanation for each answer, since they’re meant to be quick, but know that these are merely my preferences, based on my own opinion, nothing more.

Biggest style pet peeve? Shirt collars hanging outside of sweater necks.

Favorite color to wear? Navy.

Jeans or slacks? Jeans.

Brass buttons on blazer cool? Not my favorite look. But cool.

Corduroy or velvet? Corduroy.

Favorite combination of two colors? Purple and grey.

Hat or no hat? No hat.

Favorite piece of clothing? My trench coat.

Worst trend? Meggings.

Best trend? Knit ties.

Fashion or style? Style.

Leather jacket or wool overcoat? Wool overcoat.

How much life should I expect out of my dress shoes? With a nice pair, 4+ years (this depends highly on the type of shoe and how often you wear them).

Traditional or contemporary style? These days, they seem to be kind of one in the same, but I’ll say traditional.

Best dressed man you know? Nick Wooster.

Favorite clothing material? Leather.

Pay most for what item of clothing? Watch, then suit.

Jewelry, yes or no? Wristwatch only.

Goofy or ironic ties okay? There’s a time and a place, but usually no.

How many pairs of shoes a man should own? 5 minimum in my book. (Athletic, street sneaker, dress brown, dress black, casual leather).

Whew! Tune in for the next one not too far from now. If any of you guys have a list of questions for me like this, shoot them my way via the comments below or by email!

  • Griff

    Great answers, i would answer pretty much the same way!

    • http://simplermandotcom.wordpress.com simplerman

      Nice… I like your taste in style.

  • JT

    Question; Do a pair of Clark’s desert boots fit the category of casual leather shoes in your opinion?

    • http://simplermandotcom.wordpress.com simplerman

      Yeah absolutely!

  • http://Www.teeritz.blogspot.com.au Teeritz

    Goofy and ironic ties have their time and place alright-1986.

  • Griff

    What watches do you go for? Like me i can only afford one really expensive watch and the rest are cheaper but still stylish. Do you own several of a few?

    • http://simplermandotcom.wordpress.com simplerman

      Watches can get expensive real quick, so I try to choose wisely, and take my time with purchasess. Right now I only have 3 watches in rotation. One beater (Casio G Shock), one daily wear (Hamilton Khaki Field) and one nice occasion watch (Omega Planet Ocean).

      I’d love to own an Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe, but let’s be real, I have other priorities in life that can’t afford a $10K+ hole in my wallet. My next target that might be within reach is a used Rolex. For all other situations, I’ll usually go with a Timex, Hamilton, or maybe a Seiko.

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