Style Comparison: Suits vs How I Met Your Mother

One of my favorite TV shows, Suits, is coming back on the air soon. In promoting the season premiere, they put out this awesome infographic comparing two of my favorite style icons, check it out:

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Personally I’m a fan of Harvey Specter’s style. Looks uber classy, professional, and powerful. However, I will say that it takes an equally classy, professional, and powerful person to most effectively pull the look off, and Harvey Specter certainly checks all the boxes. Truthfully though, the safer route is Barney’s notch lapel two piece suit, which is still an absolute classic.

  • Mike

    Hey Mark, what’s your take on the lapel cut (pretty sure thats not the right terminology)? Not the width or notch style but the amount of chest exposed? A more open jacket versus the more conservative close chested cut? I’m in the process of getting my first bespoke suit made and I’m considering a more casual fashion forward look.

    • simplerman

      Congrats on starting the process for a bespoke suit, I’m sure it’ll be a worthwhile investment!

      As for the chest opening, I think it really depends on your physique, and most of it will be determined by the button stance.
      I personally prefer having jackets with a medium button stance that does not expose the chest too much, but also doesn’t restrict the area either. Somehow, when it’s not particularly high or low, proportions just seem better. Like this:

      People who are a bit more full in the body might instead prefer a lower button stance with more open exposure of the chest, while slimmer guys can probably pull off the higher button stance better. Lower button stances also can make one look slightly taller, while higher button stances don’t give off that effect.

      I guess what I’m trying to say that is with a bespoke suit, you want to make sure it contours to your body perfectly, and it’s probably better to stick with a tried and true stance staying between what you would consider “close chested” and “open chested,” and not go extreme in either direction, but adjust slightly according to your body type.

  • Aman

    Hope you are well?

    What are your thoughts in this bad boy, thinking of picking it up this week.

    • simplerman

      Indeed, doing well!

      Looks like a baseball jacket. I’ve always been a fan of baseball jackets- I’ve been eyeing this one from Thom Browne for a while:

      I also love the color of the leather. I say pull the trigger if it fits; I like it a lot. Only thing is that it’s a “regular fit,” and I don’t know if it would be slim enough for me.