How to keep your collars from drooping

A couple months ago, my friend let me in on a little menswear secret of his. Well, for the greater good, I am going to let that secret out to the world. Sorry Christian.

One of the few things that I hate about semi-spread or point collars is their eager propensity to lay down flat. With low to medium quality shirts, you can start seeing the transformation pretty quickly. When you first buy the shirts, the collars will stand upright, looking sharp and pointed; exactly how I prefer my collars. However, after a few wears and some time in the closet, you’ll notice that the collars will start drooping, laying flat on your collar bones.

Well the good news is that you can now implement a small technique that can help your collars stay sharp and structured, just like when you bought them from the store.

The trick is this:  Close the top two buttons of your shirt before hanging them up in your closet. Simple right? Well sometimes the best solutions are pretty simple.

By closing the top two buttons of your dress shirt, you’re basically preserving the original collar shape, and stopping gravity from pulling your collars downward. This way, the “default stance” of your shirt, while hung in your closet, will be that of a shirt whose collars are upright. I’ve illustrated the technique below.

So this is how I used to hang up my dress shirts: carelessly.

 How to keep your collars from drooping

And now, this is how I hang up my shirts, thanks to my friend’s little secret.

 How to keep your collars from drooping

I’ve been putting this little technique to use in my closet for the past couple months, and I feel like it’s helping out substantially. No more droopy collars, no more desperate ironing. Now, I don’t think this is a technique that will fully repair an already drooped collar, but it is effective in preserving your collars for much longer periods of time.

It’s fairly easy to implement, and if anything, keeps your shirts from falling down from their hangers every now and again. Hope this helps you all as much as it has helped me, and oh yeah, Happy Friday.

  • Adan Pardo

    Nice bro! I usually just close the second one from the top to the bottom… but i don’t know if it makes a difference? hmmm is that first one important?

    • Christian

      Hey Adan – I used to to close just the second button from the top as well but I found that by also closing the top button, it helped the collar maintain a stiffer and straighter form while hung (and throughout the day) rather than sagging or flattening your collar out when hung for too long.

      Here are two bad examples, but I think you get what I mean:

      Hope that helps!