Some questions about dress shirts

mens dress shirts ties header Some questions about dress shirts

Source: Nordstrom

So the other day, I got a question regarding my essential man’s wardrobe post that I put up several months ago. The question was specifically around dress shirts, and I decided to try something a little different this time around by answering via audio instead of text. See below.

Q&A : 1

Trying to upgrade Simpler Man one day at a time!

Oh yeah, if you hate this approach and think this is a terrible change, let me know in the comments below, I’m all ears gentlemen.


  • Aman

    Great blog Mark, love the audio can you add to Podcast too, would be great to listen on my commute, however I do perfer text just my option.



    • simplerman

      Perhaps man, ill see if I can get this loaded on iTunes if I have any future ones!

  • Russell Smith

    Love the blog! Hate the audio. The reason I love the blog is for reading :) I actually look forward to sitting down and reading your posts. All in all though, keep rocking it!

    • simplerman

      Noted for sure, thanks!

  • Mark

    Keep the ‘audio’s coming mate! Its great listening to some solid advice while going about with my work

    • simplerman

      Appreciate it sir!

  • qwarzar

    I like the audio, although posting the transcript with the audio would be even nicer. If that’s too much work then it’s fine. Just keep it up.

    • simplerman

      Good point, if I do any more of this, ill be sure to transcribe it for sure.