Signature Style: Dressy Casual

So today, I’m bringing back the signature style series I started a while ago. And this time, it’s all about the dressy casual look.

If you work in an office environment, the term “business casual” is probably one that you’re pretty familiar with. Well, dressy casual is kind of the same thing, but arguably a bit more informal. Still, the term is both narrow and wide at the same time, since it basically describes an outfit that lies somewhere between formal and casual, and that middle-ground is always up for debate.

To me, the dressy casual look can range from as casual as an untucked oxford shirt + dark denim + desert boots, to as formal as a navy blazer + white poplin dress shirt + grey slacks + black dress shoes. Suffice it to say, the term is slightly ambiguous.

Well, I’ve outfitted my buddy Eugene with a fairly versatile dressy casual look that can be a bit more formal or casual based on how you wear it. See below.

eugene4 1024x742 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

Solid dress shirt, leather belt, dark chinos, and suede boots.

eugene8 1024x997 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

If you want to go even more casual, untuck your shirt. Just make sure that the length of the shirt fits kind of like what you see above.

eugene2 1024x794 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

Layer on a light V-neck sweater to change things up every now and again. Plus you can stay warmer if it’s cold outside.

eugene1 1024x713 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

It’s summertime. To make things more casual, expose some ankle, and people will know you’re a stylish guy.

eugene3 1024x663 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

Don’t like V-neck sweaters? Try a cardigan. Works just as well, if not better.

eugene5 1021x1024 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

I personally like a slim taper to my chinos or slacks. Seems to make a huge difference.

eugene6 842x1024 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

If you have a leather banded watch, please wear it with an outfit like this. It’s an extremely important cherry on top.

eugene7 900x1024 Signature Style: Dressy Casual

And if you want to be more dressy with an outfit like this, tuck the shirt in and maybe even layer on a sport coat. 

 Shirt: Hucklebury | Belt: J.Crew | Watch: Timex | Cardigan: Etro

V-Neck Sweater: Merona | Pants: J.Crew | Shoes: Clarks

The outfit above is quite easy to reproduce. Just get a pair of well fitted chinos (or dress pants for those who need to be a bit more dressy), tuck in a solid or lightly patterned dress shirt, add some leather shoes, and you’re good to go! For the win, my friends.