Light blue OCBD

I personally think that the light blue oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirt is one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Just to demonstrate, I’ve outfitted my personal Brooks Brothers OCDB in two ways. One being more formal, the other being more casual. Check it out.

First, a casual OCBD look. I paired my shirt with a pair of shorts and sneakers to keep cool during the summer months.

cas2 1024x682 Light blue OCBD

Remember that you don’t want your shorts to be any longer than seen above. Keeping it right at/above the knee is a great length in my opinion.

cas3 1024x719 Light blue OCBD

I love a classic white sneaker. So easy to wear.

cas4 1024x700 Light blue OCBD

Roll the sleeves up and wear the shirt like a short sleeved dress shirt.

cas5 1024x702 Light blue OCBD

Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Shorts: Uniqlo | Shoes: Converse

Watch: Timex | Belt: Uniqlo


And now for the more formal look. I wore this outfit to a client dinner the other day actually. Personally thought it worked quite well.

form2 1024x1005 Light blue OCBD

The grey trousers / navy jacket look is actually one of my favorites.

form3 1024x684 Light blue OCBD

Colorful socks per usual.

form4 1024x754 Light blue OCBD

Can’t forget your accessories (belt/watch).

form5 1024x700 Light blue OCBD

Jacket: Black Fleece | Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Belt: J.Crew

Pants: Uniqlo | Watch: Timex | Shoes: Peal & Co | Socks: Paul Smith (similar)

I encourage you all to get yourself an oxford cloth button down shirt, especially in the color light blue. Dress it up, dress it down, dress it all around.  It’ll work with more combinations of outfits than you can possibly imagine.


  • Geoffrey Goodfellow

    Whenever I see grey pants, I immediately gravitate to my black shoes instead of brown. I see you did the opposite. Actually works pretty well with the Navy Blue.

  • james

    Hi, really enjoying the blog so far. Question for you regarding OCDBs: should I be looking for “regular” oxford cloth or pinpoint? I get a little confused between the two. I know pinpoint is supposed to be a finer and tighter yarn and as such a little more dressier. Is that BB shirt you link to considered pinpoint then since it is pima cotton? Or is that typical oxford material? Thanks!

    • thesimplerman

      I suppose it depends on the use case. If you’re looking for something that leans more casual, I’d say stick with just a regular oxford cloth. If you’re looking for something that leans more formal, go with a pinpoint.

      I believe the BB one is actually a pinpoint oxford like you mentioned. It does feel and wear slightly less casual than my other OCBDs. All really preference!

      • james

        Thanks. One other question: did you have to get that BB oxford tailored for the untucked look? I always thought BB dress shirts were a little longer, but it looks like that is perfect length for being untucked. Just wondering what to expect. I’m in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe and seem to come up with a thousand questions. This blog really helps, thanks for the advice!

  • Tim

    Hey, what is your height?

  • Shafee Mohammed

    Hi, been enjoying your blog. However i want to ask about the grey shorts you used. You mentioned its from Uniqlo, so is it possible to maybe post a link of which Uniqlo pants it is?, as in Uniqlo there are so many different pants that made me hard to find the one you are wearing.