Random thought of the day

I had a random thought today that I wanted to share with you all. Would love to see what your thought on this particular topic is:

Screenshot 2013 09 04 22.34.35 1024x572 Random thought of the day

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Gear, a smart watch that is supposed to complement your phone. The release of this makes me think that smart watches will be a normal, everyday thing soon enough. The question is, do you think people will wear REAL wristwatches in say, 5 years? I sincerely hope so.

Maybe we’ll wear our real wristwatches on one wrist, and these things on the other?


  • Panu

    I’m sure there are a lot of people who will agree with you, possibly even most people.

    I’d like to bring up another point of view, though. People don’t *need* to wear watches anymore, correct? Everyone has a phone in their pocket which tells the time and date just fine and very accurately to boot.
    The reason many men like to wear good watches isn’t just about telling the time, however. The wristwatch remains the quintessential acceptable piece of jewelry that a man can wear, especially with a suit. Even if investing in a Jules Audemars is not in the stars for Everyman, even an elegant dress watch or a tasteful sports watch with a standard ETA movement shows that the wearer appreciates the l ingenuity and artisanship that man is capable of. If that sounds too pompous, my point is that a man with a decent timepiece in quartz or electric company shows both class and taste.

    If there will come a day when a man wearing a watch with a Japanese quartz movement or a smart watch is respected more than the man who dons a marvel of modern mechanical engineering and loving craftsmanship to his wrist, it will not be in the near future (I hope).

    P.S. Great blog!

    • Panu

      I reread your post, and I mean to say that I *agree with you* that “real” watches should be appreciated! I guess I just get a little zealous sometimes ( ._.)

      • thesimplerman

        Really appreciate the thoughtful comment man, and I hope you’re right.

    • westcoasttiger

      I agree with you Panu – even though I don’t reside in the high end watch stratosphere, I still can approximate the satisfaction by owning mechanical watches. It’s more than status statement for me but really a fine meld of style and engineering with a heartbeat all it’s own. Smartwatches, like iPhones, will come and go with annual iterations but my automatic will be handed down to my son. (Can you imagine a son being satisfied with a 2G iPhone?)