My thoughts on layering denim jackets

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I love denim jackets. I think they’re really quite versatile, can be easy to wear, and are great looking pieces if fitted properly.

However, I have recently been seeing a ton of magazines and blogs showcasing denim jackets being primarily used as layering pieces, underneath a sport coat, blazer, or some sort of other formal outerwear. Every publication I come across has at least one dude wearing a light denim jacket underneath their pretty business-like getup, consisting of pieces like sport coats and slacks.

I’m going to say right now, honestly, I have a little bit of a problem with this.

As convincing as GQ, Esquire, Details, or other menswear publications may be, I personally don’t think a denim jacket looks that great under a more formal outerwear piece. I mean really, if you’re wearing a blazer, what are you trying to say by putting a denim jacket underneath it? Perhaps: “Hey I’m formal and ready for business, but stylish/casual enough to be cool, man!”

Now this isn’t to say that denim jackets can’t be used effectively as layering pieces. When I wear a denim jacket underneath a wool coat or trench coat, I feel like it works, and that I’m being quite stylish actually. However, when putting these denim jackets underneath blazers, sport coats, suits, or other more formal outerwear, I feel like it looks a bit awkward and inappropriate in most situations. If it’s a formal getogether, the denim jacket really makes an inappropriate and contrasting statement. On the opposite spectrum, if it’s a really casual event, why are you wearing a blazer on top of that denim jacket anyway?

Feel free to disagree with my argument, but to me, the concept of wearing denim jackets with formalwear is a bit odd and out of place. I think if you own a denim jacket, you should wear it as your main outerwear layer, or if it’s cold, perhaps add a thick coat on top. But please, if you’re combining your denim jacket with a blazer, I think you might be trying too hard.

Let me know what you think? Do you agree, or am I just being nit-picky here?

  • RMRStyle

    What do you think if worn under a historically casual piece – like a tweed sport jacket? What about the role of the man’s age & profession?

    • thesimplerman

      I think it can be done, and is more appropriate the more casual the jacket is, but I still wouldn’t necessarily advocate, personally. Yes, definitely more appropriate in my opinion for people who are in their twenties and thirties, rather than their forties and fifties.

    • Barron

      This is interesting. I was going to ask the same thing as Antonio. I like the look if the denim is dark with little to no distressing, and paired with a more casual tweed sport coat or something of similar formality.

      I’ve always been a fan of pairing the high and low (in terms of formality) garments, so maybe that’s why I’m biased. In any case, enjoyed reading an opposing POV. :]

  • Carlos Castaneda

    I totally agree with you on this, either you go casual or stylish, it all depends on the occasion. But it might be worth trying it once or twice just to see reactions?

    • thesimplerman

      Absolutely. I’d say anything falls under that bucket.

  • Nomer

    i don’t like seems really not right…. I see this as over-doing it…

  • Jordan

    I hate this look. The only reason I can imagine anyone wearing this is to loudly proclaim to all that you are a fashion renegade who flouts both convention and common sense in an effort to attract bemused looks from strangers.

    • westcoasttiger

      Agreed – another case of perhaps trying too hard to have the ‘look’.