White Nikes

2013 10 12 11.28.35 1024x768 White Nikes Ah white Nikes, so fresh and so clean.

I think that a pair of white athletic sneakers are really an essential to every man’s wardrobe. There’s something about the color white that just does well at the feet (though a pain in terms of maintenance) and usually a pair of Nikes does the trick.

Thought I’d share with you a couple pictures of my new Nikes I bought from J.Crew. Gotta love those J.Crew in Good Company deals; they really curate some awesome stuff from outside companies.

2013 10 12 10.29.59 1024x682 White Nikes 2013 10 12 11.27.15 1024x768 White Nikes

Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers

Pair ‘em with sweats, shorts, jeans, chinos…. Whatever the case, you’ll be styling and comfortable at the same time. Enjoy.

  • http://aspecdapparel.com/ Kevin Chan

    How do you keep your white sneakers white?

    • thesimplerman

      My friend, an old toothbrush and some soap is usually my white shoes’ best friend.

  • Aimee Rancer

    They look fantastic! Great meeting you yesterday!

    • thesimplerman

      Likewise. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s awesome.

  • Denise Chiong

    Hello! Been thinking of buying this exact j.crew shoes for my brother. Can you post some of your outfits wearing this shoe? thanks!