My question to you: Puffer vests

I’ve been meaning to talk about this subject for quite some time. Puffer vests.

 My question to you: Puffer vests

Some part of me really likes them, and finds the look quite appealing. The other part of me wonders why they’re so popular when they’re functionally kind of awkward. If it’s cold enough to be wearing a puffer anything, I would imagine that it’s best to put on a puffer coat/jacket that covers the sleeves. If it’s not cold enough to be wearing a puffer anything, then wouldn’t it make sense to just wear a lighter jacket?

Again, I’m a fan of the look, but this thought makes me hesitate on getting one for myself. And I’m also not talking about those thinner quilted vests, but rather the type of vest that makes you look like Marty McFly or the Michelin Man.

Maybe it’s for the layering aspect, where you can layer a vest underneath another jacket or coat, but not deal with the sleeve bulk? Or perhaps it’s just an easier piece to put on above your sweater? Whatever the case, would love to hear from you guys why you would or would not wear a puffer vest. Lay ‘em on me!

In the case that you are pro puffer vest though, here are a couple that I’m a fan of:

$50-100 : Uniqlo Ultra Light Down , Banana Republic Grey Flannel Vest , Kane & Unke Colorblock Vest

$100-200 : North Face Lindero , Ralph Lauren Elmwood

$200-500 : Canada Goose Lodgewood , Gant Rugger Down Vest

$500 + : Moncler Hooded Vest , Burberry Crosby

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow

    Totally agree on the dilemma here. I’ve long felt that a downy vest is more fashion than function. When I’m cold and want to be warm, I want sleeves. When I’m warm and want to be cool, I don’t want a downy torso. I do have to admit that it does have a fashionable appeal. Guys that wear long sleeves with shorts or short sleeves with pants always seem to be particularly fashionable for some reason. Not sure I could justify the cost of a puffer vest though.

    • thesimplerman

      My viewpoint exactly!

  • Carlos CastaƱeda

    In my opinion, its all about the look of the thing, more than its functionality. I personally own one from The North Face, I use it now and then, its definitely not made to keep you warm as a jacket, but it works with long sleeve polos and/or casual shirts. Like everything, it depends on the event, time of the year, who are you with, etc. I really like it. If you can pull it off, it will certainly never look bad.

  • Darren

    I absolutely can’t stand sleeve bulk. I work with my hands all day and when I have big poofy sleeves they tend to get in the way of near everything. I wear one simply because it offers warmth over the chest area without the hindrance of the sleeves. I couldn’t give a loot about the fashion aspect of it. Now if anyone want’s to dispute that they don’t keep you warm because your arms are exposed you can then wear a long sleeved t shirt that is tight fitting, t shirt over that and then the puffer vest. The combination is great. It’s currently about 7 degrees Celsius here and I’m quite snug.