A warning about Black Friday

Unlike a lot of folks, I’m a huge fan of Black Friday. Thanksgiving has just passed, the air is crisp, the malls are bustling with interesting people… If anything, it’s a wonderful time to people-watch and hang with some friends in a busy environment.

Black Friday Phone Deals A warning about Black Friday

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This may also seem like the best time of the year to buy clothing, especially when every single store has a seemingly ridiculous sale going on at the same time. That’s why I’ll see a line out the front door at Macy’s, or an ensuing fight between two middle-aged ladies clutching at a single purse in the Bloomingdale’s line.

However, I do have one warning for you all: Black Friday is usually not the best sale you’ll find all year, or even all season. So before you go to your favorite mall and wait in line for two hours, do some research, and utilize that nifty thing called your computer, to make things a bit easier for you.

Here are my observations around Black Friday:

1. Oftentimes, better sales happen around Black Friday, rather than on it. Shops like Macy’s have actually told me that they have higher discounted pricing on weeks prior to Black Friday than Black Friday itself. Not sure what the strategy around that is, but it seems to be shared across a ton of other retail stores as well.

2. Look at sites like Slickdeals.net, Fatwallet.com, Dealsplus.com, etc. to find better deals than you can find on your own. These sites are amazing, and (warning) addicting as well. They curate some of the best deals on the web at any given time, and the deals during Black Friday are generally pretty ridiculous.

3. Electronics, toys, and other items are more heavily discounted than clothing. Contrary to popular belief, clothing is usually discounted only marginally during Black Friday. Most of the bigger discounts you’ll find are related to other things like iPads, TVs, games, etc. Not always true, but just take a look for yourself!

4. Check blogs like Dappered & PutThisOn. Some menswear blogs post up sales during these times of the year. I would suggest you check them out for some of the deals that are ACTUALLY decent.

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All this to say that there are smarter ways to spend your time shopping this Black Friday. I wouldn’t recommend waking up incredibly early, waiting in line, fighting the crowds, and ultimately getting a deal that’s inferior to one you could get weeks later, when you could go online and figure all that mess out beforehand. Just sayin’.

Either way, have a safe and homey Thanksgiving, fellas. I’ll probably post before Thanksgiving again, but thought I’d put it out there for now.

  • yoyorobbo

    Hi Mark – Great post, once again. Love your site, and appreciate your advice.

    I personally can’t stand Black Friday. LOL – I’d much rather stay put at home and enjoy the additional time-off with the fam. That said, we *did* venture out this year, to a car dealership – my wife got a new ride at a stellar Black Friday deal. That one was worth the effort – which wasn’t much to begin with. No lines or fighting over items there. Plus we all still went there together, so good times, right?

    Hey, one thing – it looks like the links in the article are redirecting incorrectly – unless my browser is dorked-up. Thought I’d mention it.

    Have a great, and stylish day.

    • thesimplerman

      Hah, glad you were able to get a car out of it. Not a bad Black Friday purchase. Sorry for the link stuff, I fixed it!