• Ryan

    Love the blog! What do you do for a living? BB Black Fleece is some pretty nice (and expensive stuff).

    • http://simplermandotcom.wordpress.com simplerman

      Thanks so much Ryan!

      I’m currently working on the business side of a tech company here in Silicon Valley.

      Indeed black fleece is expensive stuff but it’s one of my favorite brands and I pretty much always buy on sale, usually pretty deep sales. Helps a bit!

  • Mr. Shrimp

    Dude, you’re a joke. It’s like you read a few copies of GQ and Esquire and all of a sudden you think you’re a style guru. The trick is not look like a rolling J.Crew cliche. You really need to shut down this blog, come up with an authentic style instead of photocopying what you read in a magazine or a catalog.

    • http://simplermandotcom.wordpress.com simplerman

      Hopefully I’m a hilarious joke.

  • ted

    What authority do you have on style? You said you work in the tech industry, did you study fashion?