My Fall Wish List

It’s wishlist time. I’ve started to buy clothing again so there are a ton of fall/winter items on my list that I’ve been drooling over. Also, the fact that it’s getting pretty cold in San Francisco (oh what a wimp I’ve become…), means that most of these items are actually relevant again.

For anyone who has mounds of cash just sitting around, please feel free to buy me any of the pieces below:

John Varvatos Star Topcoat

 8355608 My Fall Wish List

Source: Nordstrom

There is something so incredibly classy about topcoats. They are wonderful complements to a formal or semi-formal getup, and keep you really warm and toasty. I own a topcoat already, but have been thinking about upgrading, since topcoats are very much investment pieces. I came across this one from John Varvatos on the Nordstrom website recently, and really liked the simple design. Can’t really attest for the quality just yet, but I may visit the store to see if they have one on the rack to try on. Will report back.

Hey and if you’re doubtful about getting a topcoat, if anything, Don Draper wears them.

Bloomingdale’s Ribbed Knit Beanie

 My Fall Wish List

Source: Bloomingdales

One of my buddies recently showed me his Prada knit cap, and I was thoroughly impressed with how it looked. It was charcoal in color, made with very fine wool, and extremely simple in design, like the above picture. I checked online to see how much the thing cost, and unfortunately, it was priced at over $200.

I’m all about buying quality but $200 for a hat was quite a stretch for me so I found a suitable substitute at Bloomingdales and am contemplating picking it up. I mean they say the head is where you hold the most heat, so I have to keep that heat in during the colder months, am I right?

Moncler Puffer Jacket

NMN1UAL mx My Fall Wish List

Source: Neiman Marcus

I cheated a bit on this one as I’ve recently bought a similar model to this particular jacket due to a sale.

To be honest, I used to be kind of against puffer jackets, and still am to some extent, but some of the models that Moncler has been releasing have really caught my eye. You retain the warmth of a puffer jacket, but the fit doesn’t make you look like a marshmallow, and the attention to detail is just fantastic.

There are a couple downsides though. First, I live in SF, so it rarely gets cold enough to wear this thing. These jackets don’t just keep you warm, they make you melt inside if it’s not cold enough outside. Second, Moncler is outrageous with pricing. The cheapest models are barely sub-$1K, and the more expensive ones are ludicrously expensive.

Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Sweater

 My Fall Wish List

Source: Ralph Lauren

I tried one of these Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters on last week at Bloomingdales, and absolutely loved the feel and look of it. Not only did it fit snug to my body, but the colors were beautifully vibrant, and there was no annoying polo logo on the front. Again, the only thing stopping me was the price, as each one of these is $125. The sweater is actually quite thin, so it made me wonder if this was something worth investing in.

I may still end up getting it, but it will hurt the wallet.

So there is my wish list this November. God, do I love fall/winter for menswear.

Nordstrom’s 10 Fall Essentials

header Nordstroms 10 Fall Essentials

Source: Nordstrom

While I was doing some research for my grey crewneck sweatshirt post, I came across Nordstrom’s 10 fall essentials post, and wanted to share it with you all. Not necessarily because it’s groundbreaking or a must-see, but because I do agree with a lot of it, and think it could be a decent guide for some of you heading into F/W 2013.

In case you’re too lazy to click through, here’s the cheat sheet:

1. Wool overcoat : Definitely agree with this, a must for winter. Look for one that ends before your knees though.

2. Crewneck sweatshirt : See previous post to view my opinion on the matter.

3. Quilted jacket : This is probably one I disagree with. Quilted jackets (especially by Barbour) are cool and all, but certainly not an essential in my book.

4. Chunky cardigan : My chunky cardigan has saved me from the cold on more than a couple occasions. Thus, this is also a must.

5. Brown leather-strap watch : I’m finding that brown leather straps are more versatile than black leather straps for me. Perhaps it’s because I own more earth-toned clothing, but either way, I concur with this item.

6. Patterned sport coat : This is another one that I don’t necessarily find essential. I’m a fan of patterned sport coats, but don’t go rushing out to buy one of these just because Nordstrom told you to.

7. Soft briefcase : Here’s my thought on briefcases. Yep, if you’re over the age of 21, you need one.

8. Corduroy pants : Corduroy pants came back last year pretty strong during the fall and winter months. I think they are a good item to have since they’re warm and also something different from your daily denim. Essential though? Maybe.

9. Iconic sunglasses : Not sure why this is a must have for fall and winter, but sure, iconic sunglasses are always good to have.

10. Dress boots : I own 3 dress boots, need I say more?

Though everything offers isn’t always my style or taste, there are some really good finds in there if you dig long enough. Get yourself some fall/winter clothing in preparation for the changing winds. Cheers.

Gray crewneck sweatshirt

Category Sweatshirts Gray crewneck sweatshirt

Source: American Giant

Back when I was in grade school, I always saw gym teachers, or sometimes senior citizens, wearing gray crewneck sweatshirts out on their weekday strolls. It was so fashionably lame to me at the time, that I started to weed crewneck sweatshirts out from my wardrobe entirely. It wasn’t until last year that I started to rethink my position.

After seeing blog entry after blog entry of awesome outfits incorporating crewneck sweatshirts, I had no choice but to turn 180 on this particular subject, and in fact, I have started to get a couple of them for my wardrobe once again. Among all of the colors and textures though, I believe the most versatile and dare I say fashionable, is the plain heather gray cotton crewneck sweatshirt.

Yeah, I know, how boring and plain… but hear me out.

The gray crewneck sweatshirt is one of those rare pieces that you can dress down equally as much as you can dress up. I mean let’s break it down for a second. You can use a gray crewneck sweatshirt for just about any casual situation out there, we’re talking workouts, lounging, even sleeping. However, it can also look  just as great (if not better) with a dress shirt underneath, some dark denim, and a pair of wingtips. Hell, add a tie if you want, like Chris Paul does below:

chris paul 5 Gray crewneck sweatshirt

Source: GQ

The simplicity of this piece allows you to wear whatever over or under as needed. If you’re feeling a little dressy, pair that tie and jacket with it, and conversely, if you’re feeling lazy, just plop it on top of your T shirt and you’re good to go. Either way, I think it’s a piece that everyone should look into owning for this season, especially since we’re heading into fall/winter.

Here are a couple crewneck sweatshirts that I would recommend you take a look at:

$52 J.Crew

$69 American Giant

$115-$130 GANT & Todd Snyder

$220 Rag & Bone

And though I haven’t actually seen the fit and quality of these, you can get an uber budget version of the sweater at Target: $8.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

I’m a fan of Nordstrom. They exist in almost all major towns within the U.S., usually showcase excellent products, and also offer an almost unbeatable return policy. My only issue with them is that their products are often pretty expensive at retail price.

anniversary sale logo Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Source: Nordstrom

Also, they rarely hold any sales throughout the year, making it difficult to shop there regularly. I believe they only have 2-3 weeks out of the entire year where they sell items at a discount. The half yearly men’s sale and the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Well great news, my friends! The latter sale, which is also their biggest sale of the year, just started today, and there’s plenty of stock to choose from.

I’ve decided to curate some of my favorite pieces from the sale for you to see. Full transparency: some of these are still pretty damn expensive, though oftentimes worth it.

Allen Edmonds Strand: $229.90

I own these, and love them. Great time to pick up these beautiful and classic shoes.

 6517271 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Dockers Alpha Fogwash Chinos: $44.90

I love the fit and quality of Dockers’ Alpha Khakis. Definitely worth a try.

 7882783 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Red Wing Beckman Boot: $199.90

I own these boots as well. They’re amazing, and definitely worth it at this price. They will be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning just FYI.

 8039704 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Clarisonic Mia 2: $149.90

I use a Clarisonic Mia almost everyday in the shower. TMI? Maybe. Anyhow, yes, even dudes can use this thing, and it’s worth a try. It’s like a Sonicare toothbrush for your face.

 7997795 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Threads for Thought Varsity Jacket: $49.90

I’ve been pretty interested in the Varsity jacket look as of late. Here’s one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

 7896726 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Magnanni Double Monk: $209.90

If you’re in the market for double monks, these might be worth a try. They look great in my opinion, and Magnannis are usually really comfortable from my experience.

 7368942 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Billy Reid Crewneck Sweater: $96.90

I really want this sweater myself. Not sure what’s so appealing about it to me, but it seems to be stuck in my mind.

 8062035 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Wolverine Emerson: $294.90

Wolverine is one of my favorite bootmakers. And they don’t disappoint with this rugged, high quality model.

 7806222 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Wallin & Bros. Sweater: $45.90

A slightly more affordable sweater than the Billy Reid one above.

 7964502 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue: $229.90

One of the most classic shoes you’ll ever find. If you need a pair of solid brown or black dress shoes, get these.

 7721638 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Billy Reid Leather Jacket: $999.90

I know, I know. It’s a lot of money. However, I can’t have one of these lists without a solid leather jacket. So here it is.

 8095045 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Allen Edmonds Dalton: $259.90

Yet again, I own these boots too. You’ve probably seen them on the blog before. Worth every penny.

 7721528 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Jack Spade Briefcase: #249.90

I think my boss owns this bag, and to me, it looks so elegant and simple. If I didn’t have enough bags myself, I’d pick it up.

 7793171 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Rag & Bone Colorblock Sweater: $144.90

Love the look of this sweater. Though it is admittedly expensive.

 8004401 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

The North Face Apex Jacket: $99.90

A really classic, solid jacket for the fall. Only downside is that everyone has one of these.

 7884076 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Calvin Klein No Show Socks: $12.90

You know how I feel about no-show socks.

 6357857 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Chuck Taylor Low Sneakers: $39.90


 7964087 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

Burberry London Navy Trench: $864.90

Trench coats are probably my favorite type of clothing. Burberry trench at that? You’re in for a classic. And yes, I know it’s not cheap by any measure.

 8066503 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My picks

There you go! My very long list of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks. Even if none of these appeal to you, check the sale out for yourself. You might find a thing or two that catches your eye.

Cheers, and happy Friday.

The summer sales begin…


cold summer 1920x1200 The summer sales begin...

Source: Beach Bayonet

Looks like retailers are looking to shed their summer pieces already. Crazy considering that summer hasn’t even really started yet, right? Some sales have begun, and there are more to come. Here are just a few notable ones:

1. Barney’s: Up to 60% off.

2. Billy Reid: Up to 50% off.

3. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece: 40% off all.

4. J.Crew : 40% off summer pieces.

5. Paul Smith: 30% off, but 50% with coupon SS13SALE20EUS today and tomorrow.

6. GANT: 40% off a lot of their items.

7. Allen Edmonds: Tent sale, up to 50% off select items like the Strand & Park Ave. Catch is that it’s by phone or local only.

8. Nordstrom: The Half-yearly men’s sale is on now!

I’ll probably post more as the days go on, but get at it while you can! Some of these sales come really only twice a year.

Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

andre3000 tgj Signature Style: Dandy DapperSource:

Last week, I launched a series called Signature Style, where the goal was to showcase some very particular looks that might help you discover, or at least think about, your own signature style.

Today, we’re checking out a look that is very common to the world of “dandyism.”  A world of colorful tweeds, suspenders, paisley, fedoras, and lapel flowers. Again, like the Thom Browne look we discussed last week, this one probably isn’t for the conservative or risk-averse.

This particular style fascinates me, and I actually love it, even if I don’t sport it myself. I see it occasionally on the streets, but it’s in fashion magazines or albums of Pitti Uomo that I really see it in action.

I always wonder what brings people to wear this type of attire. Celebrity figures like Andre 3000, Common, or Sean Combs regularly sport these types of outfits, and I’m finding that more and more people are following suit.  Maybe it’s in order to exercise freedom of expression, letting everyone know that anything and everything is fair game. Or perhaps it’s to push the envelope in menswear a bit, giving a forceful middle finger to the casual T-shirt and jeans look that we’re all so familiar (and bored) with.

Either way, I wanted to at least bring it to your attention so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s a style you’d like to emulate or not. Here’s my buddy Ron sporting the look with ease:

Ron7 Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

 I wanted to make this outfit pop by incorporating many patterns. Some might say it’s too much, but in many ways, that’s kind of the point. 

Ron10 Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

Accessories galore. This is where a man can really show his individuality. Bracelets, colorful socks, hats, pocket squares, bow ties. All fair game.

Ron8 Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

The key to making an outfit like this look good is largely about fit. It’s still #1.

Ron4 Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

If you look closely, you’ll see there’s a lot of strategy employed in the accessory colors. Blues, reds, and yellows are carefully matched from shirt to bowtie to jacket. 

Ron5 Signature Style: Dandy Dapper

More than anything, a look like this really boils down to confidence. Simply know that you’re looking good, and you’re a majority of the way there.

 Hat: Nordstrom | Shirt: J.Crew | Jacket: J.Crew | Bowtie: Bloomingdales

Pocket Square: Turnbull & Asser | Watch: Timex | Trousers: J.Crew

Socks: Merona | Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Some of you may dislike the outfit, some of you may be fascinated with it. To provoke that type of polar reaction is actually kind of my point, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to style it for you. Personally, I think the guy looks pretty dapper.

One thing to remember is that even when wearing this type of clothing, you should pay attention to the way patterns & colors work with each other. In this particular outfit, each piece was carefully chosen to either complement, or purposely contrast other pieces in the outfit. The pocket square has hints of red that work with the bow tie, the bow tie has hints of blue that work with the gingham, the belt and shoes have a red tint that complement the bow tie, etc.

Anyhow, there’s my second look for this series. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cheers.


A smaller wardrobe

cluttered closet clothes mess A smaller wardrobe

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out two of my friends’ closets. Now, I don’t actively request to see my friends’ closets, but both were shown to me in the context of some apartment tours, so I obliged. Anyhow, the interesting thing was that both closets, though about the same size, were drastically different, enough so that I am writing a post about it.

The first closet I saw was filled to the brim. Hangers were jam packed next to each other, piles of denim were toppling over from being stacked too high, and shoes were scattered all over the ground in no particular order, making it ridiculous for the closet to even be labeled “walk-in.”

The second closet was literally the polar opposite. I swear that no more than thirty pieces were in the entire closet, and it mainly comprised of white walls and empty shelves.  Everything was immaculately organized, clothing being separated by type, color, and even season, from what I could tell.

The stark difference between the two closets got me to thinking about how my closet is organized. Was it optimal? How do I feel about the contents inside, and the organization of it all?

While asking myself these questions, I couldn’t help but feel like I preferred my closet to the first closet I had seen, but not to the second closet. Let me tell you why.

 A smaller wardrobe

So yes, the first closet I saw clearly had more clothing, and far more pieces to work with than the second closet. If I were to mentally add up all the clothes that I saw in there, I would probably have to get back to this post sometime in March. Various colors, fabrics, patterns, sizes… it was like going to the circus in sartorial form.

By contrast, the second closet actually contained clothing that I didn’t think was particularly fun, special, or eye-catching. No exclusive designer brands, no crazy patterns and colors, and no extras in any way. Just about enough clothing to protect from the elements, no more, no less.

Still, there was something so refreshing about seeing a closet that simply had… the essentials. A leather jacket, a pair of grey wool trousers, black dress shoes, a rain coat. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy unique, just plain simple. Seeing this guy’s closet reminded me of the simple truth that we, as men, don’t really need all that much clothing in our closets. Do I need my quarter-zip sweater in both purple and green? No. Do I need five different pairs of boots for each and every situation I may encounter? No. Ten pairs of denim from every designer under the sun? No.

What we do need, are basic, high quality pieces that fit perfectly to our bodies and never get old with the times.  The essential wardrobe pieces, if I can say such a thing (and I will provide a list of what I personally believe are those pieces soon). That way, we can shift our focus from clothing to other, more important things in life. Why? Because we know that with the small wardrobe we do have, we’ll always look great, and we can take some of the guesswork out of our daily morning routine of getting dressed.

I guess my point is that it’s worth it to spend the extra buck on attaining high quality, classic pieces that will never go out of style. And also, to buy no more than you really need. There’s an odd satisfaction to keeping a very simple closet, where you don’t really have to think about what you’re going to wear today, tomorrow, or whenever. Thus, I urge you to open your closet sometime tonight, and take a peek into what your wardrobe currently looks like.

Then ask yourself a couple questions:

1. Do you need all of those pieces that you hardly ever wear?

2. Is it really necessary to have duplicates and lookalikes all around your closet?

3. Are you willing to put some investment behind certain tried and true essentials that are currently missing from your closet?

I, too, am going to ponder these questions while I look at my closet tonight, and start making smarter decisions on when, where, and how I buy my clothing. I think it’ll help me in my quest to truly understand my own sense of style.

What am I wearing 1.22.12

Time for another outfit of the day post. Felt like dressing up a bit (ie: putting on a tie and pocket square), but also wanted to remain casual enough to blend into the city a bit.

Here’s my solution:

bbbf6 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

bbbf4 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

bbbf3 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

bbbf2 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

bbbf5 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

bbbf1 copy What am I wearing 1.22.12

Coat: Banana Republic | Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples | Pocket Square: John W. Nordstrom

Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Tie: Drake’s | Cardigan: Black Fleece

Belt: Perry Ellis | Pants: Ian Velardi | Socks: Merona | Shoes: Paul Smith

So as many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Thom Browne’s branding (the red, white, and blue, generally on grosgrain). That’s exactly why I’m wearing this Black Fleece cardigan along with a relatively conservative outfit. I think a small, but noticeable pop of color can really put some spice into an otherwise “safe” getup, so this cardigan fit the bill for me. I’ll certainly be doing a post about adding pops of color to an outfit shortly.

So until then…

Quick looks & pleasing everybody

I was tossing and turning in bed the other day, unable to fall sleep. In situations like this, most normal people would read a book, count sheep, or just idly lay in their beds till the inevitable sleep haze engulfed their conscience.

Well, I’m a bit weird, and probably not very normal. Thus, as a sleep remedy, I decided to go into my closet and start randomly taking pieces out, just to put them together in different combinations that I thought might work out. Also, I felt compelled to add ties to the mix as well.

It kind of worked, as I was so tired of putting on and taking off clothes that I eventually plopped on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

The outcome is below. And yes, I am actually wearing pants.

mGYcx Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The hunter’s look.

Jacket: Barbour | Vest: Barbour | Tie: Ovadia & Sons | Shirt: Brooks Brothers

gci7r Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The formal look.

Jacket: Black Fleece | Pocket Square: Nordstrom | Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Tie Bar: Thetiebar | Tie: Theory

SFXsI Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The ultra-hyperextended neck look.

Jacket: John Varvatos Collection | Shirt: Black Fleece | Tie: Drake’s

Fiknf Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The cold day layering look.

Coat: Hugo Boss | Knitwear: Banana Republic | Shirt: Black Fleece | Tie: Theory

GkwgP Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The overcoat with suit look… or as I like to call it: blue steel look.

Coat: Banana Republic | Jacket: John Varvatos Collection | Shirt: Ben Sherman | Tie: Ben Sherman

Zqy0X Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The Looper-ish look.

Jacket: Theory | Shirt: Armani Collezioni | Tie: Thetiebar

tSoEK Quick looks & pleasing everybody

The blue, blue, blue, and blue layer look.

Coat: Black Fleece | Jacket: Levi’s | Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Tie: Ovadia & Sons

My first thought was to put these photos on reddit, mainly because I was curious to see which outfits vibed well with the huge crowd over there, and which didn’t. I put the album up on reddit in the morning, walked away from the computer for about an hour, and then revisited its status shortly afterward.

Apparently the album became quite popular in that hour, ultimately hitting the first spot on /r/malefashionadvice, receiving thousands of up-votes, and getting more comments than I could read.

Turns out that pretty much every single look was simultaneously criticized and praised, showing how incredibly different peoples’ tastes are. Some people said my Barbour look was the best, while others thought it was the worst. Some argued that leather jackets should never go with ties, others said leather jackets looked best with ties. Let’s just say there was a lot of noise, and it taught me a valuable lesson.

The lesson is that you aren’t going to please everybody with your look, no matter how great it is. Sure there are rules that you should follow to look better overall (for example, getting things that are more fitted to your body), but even then, you just aren’t going to win everyone’s approval, as everyone’s tastes are different.

I put together 7 very different outfits, and for each outfit I got hundreds of different reactions. At first, I took each comment constructively, learning from what people had to say. Later on though, all I ended up really caring about was my own opinion, especially after seeing how much contradiction there was about what people thought was right and what people thought was wrong.

I think the best thing is for you to feel confident in the clothes that you wear, and present your unique style to the world expecting nothing in return. Sure, positive reinforcement may help you feel better, but ultimately, I think the most attractive thing about someone’s style is how they own their look. The swagger and confidence they have in wearing what they are wearing. The great thing is that no one can help you own your look, only you can.

Anyhow, sorry to go on a rant there, but I hope I was able to at least provide you with some ideas for outfits. Oh, and just kidding about the pants comment I made above. Commando all the way.

Lovin’ Tweed

tweed1 Lovin TweedBeautiful tweeds lined up in a closet. Drool.

It’s fall, and winter is coming. Time to bust out the tweed.

Tweed is one of my all-time favorite fabrics. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also oozes of pure class. I think every man should strive to have at least one piece in their wardrobe made of this awesome cloth.

Now some of you may say, “Tweed? What am I, an old man?” To that I say… you think you’re better than tweed, you wanna fight?  In all seriousness, I do get that tweed can seem a bit dated, as its resurgence is a bit of a throwback to an earlier time period. A time period when our grandfathers wore tweed sportcoats while smoking cigars, and sipping neat bourbon in their dim lit living room. But come on, doesn’t that time period paint an amazing picture? I’ll gladly embrace the revival of old school tweed, and wear my tweed pieces till I grow old myself. Plus, if you’re still feeling self conscious, take a look at any fashion magazine today- tweed dominates.

Tweed comes in many shapes and forms. Think crazy patterns and colors like above, or plain grey herringbones like below. Unlike other fabrics, most patterns and colors, however crazy, can look great on tweed. Despite this, if you’re new to tweed, I would recommend getting it in an overcoat or sports coat, colors being a solid grey or brown. This way, your piece will remain timeless, and you can at least have your basics down before moving onto more daring pieces.

Nordstrom has a large list of really great tweed pieces, but you’ll notice that most of them require quite an investment (which I think is warranted). Some standouts to me are the Todd Snyder sports coat and Gitman woven tie. Either way, I say you should look into tweed a bit, and get a piece for yourself. If you’re still uncertain, here are some pics that may help persuade you.

tweed6 Lovin TweedThis is probably my favorite tweed- a mid-grey herringbone. In my opinion, it’s the most versatile out of all the tweeds, as it will go well with almost anything. Doesn’t the subtle pattern just mesmerize you? Does for me.

tweed4 Lovin TweedNotice how there are literally between 10 and 20 colors all interacting together in this picture? Tweed has an amazing ability to showcase color and patterns while still remaining relatively subdued and classic. If I were to don these colors on leather or even cotton, I would likely look ridiculous.

tweed51 Lovin TweedTimeless and elegant.

So in all, I say you should get yourself a nice tweed jacket for the fall and winter. You’ll get great use out of it, and you’ll probably rely on it more often than you think. It’s a piece you can be proud of wearing today, tomorrow, and forty years from now. Cheers.