My new year’s style resolutions

Weirdly, I take new year’s resolutions kind of seriously. Even if I fail, I’m usually determined to get as close to my goal as I can for the majority of the year.  This year, my resolutions include cooking at home more often, playing my musical instruments regularly, and actually reading books, but I don’t want to bore you with details on those.

More interestingly, here are my style-related resolutions, where I’m relying on you guys to help keep me accountable.

 My new years style resolutions

1. Layer more often.

Layering multiple pieces of clothing allows you to show your creativity and style a bit more than… well, not layering. Though layering is especially appropriate during the fall and winter, I still think it can be done properly all year round. There’s just more substance and variety when you start combining multiple pieces to create a cohesive outfit. It will stand as one of my top style goals for 2013.

handing over cash My new years style resolutions

2. Buy only if I love.

Sales can be irresistible, and often too hard to pass by. For example, I recently saw some authentic Harris tweed sport coats go on sale at Walmart (who’da thunk?) for $75 a pop. Ridiculous price for such a high quality garment. Well, just because the price was right, didn’t mean everything else was as well (it fit boxy, they didn’t have a color I liked, and the armholes were too big).

Through the years, I’ve been shafted by sales too many times to count, ultimately spending money on things I didn’t need or want, that could have gone to something I truly loved. My goal is to stop the impulse shopping, and focus on just those pieces that won’t leave my mind after I’ve tried them on in the store. Makes more sense to invest in things I love rather than spill money for things that are just OK.

nph 3 My new years style resolutions

3. Own a signature look.

Developing my signature look has been a work in progress for a while now, and that hasn’t changed entering 2013. I’m starting to understand what I feel most comfortable in, and conversely, what just isn’t me, but again it’s a work in progress. Is it the rugged Americana look, consisting of flannel, denim, and waxed cotton? Maybe it’s the sleek, precisely tailored European suits and wool outerwear look. I guess only time will tell, and it’s my mission to get closer to figuring it out this year.

Anyhow, I hope you guys keep me accountable. And good luck with all of your resolutions as well. I hope you are all able to achieve your highest highs this year. Seize opportunities, grab life by the horns, and stay legit.

Signature Look

Don%20Draper Signature Look

Don Draper in his signature look, a charcoal grey suit with slim tie and white pocket square.

Picture a close buddy in your head. What is he wearing? Maybe it’s blue jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket, or possibly a white button down shirt with chinos. A charcoal suit with black shoes, maybe?

There’s a high likelihood that you’ve pictured your friend in their signature look, whatever that may be. Now think about yourself, do you have a signature look?

Maybe you have a favorite article of clothing that is part of that look. Those raw denim blue jeans that have creases and whiskers that you’ve personally created. That old trench coat that you just can’t leave home without. The watch that your father passed down to you when you graduated high school. Personally, my look has changed quite drastically in the last several years, mainly because my tastes have been changing. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t think I’ve had a signature look for elongated periods of time.

Here are two from the past. There was some weird stuff going on with lighting on my camera though, so forgive the weird photo quality.

During my college days, my friends will tell you that it was definitely a UCLA fitted baby blue cap, hooded sweater, and blue jeans.

yesterday signature Signature Look

During my first several years in the working world, it was a Lacoste polo shirt, dark blue jeans, and dark sneakers.

in between signature Signature Look

If you have a signature look, I say embrace it. It’s a huge part of who you are, even if you don’t think so. So even if you want to improve your wardrobe as a whole,  maybe it makes sense to keep your normal look in tact,  just with upgraded pieces that might fit and look slightly better than your previous ones.

Let me know, comments, tweets, messages, whatever!