who am i?

who am i who am i?

Hi everybody.

Big thanks for checking out simplerman, I’m honored by your visit.

Simplerman is both a web series to help men dress better and a blog to showcase my personal style. What started off as a simple purging of my closet after my college years has now turned into one of my daily passions, and an area where I am always yearning to learn more.

For my day job, I work full time in the tech industry here in San Francisco. At all other times, I perpetually observe society’s always-evolving style. What people wear, and why they wear it fascinates me, and I’ll impart whatever knowledge I gain unto you, so that you can at least have another perspective on menswear.

I’m a strong believer in staying simple, hence the name of this blog. Sticking with the classics can never do you wrong, and you’ll be styling now, later, and forever… all while tie dye and camo perish and resurrect every 5 years. This isn’t to say that I think fashion trends aren’t fun. I’ll catch myself buying cargo pants and knit ties once in a while too. Just know that when all else fails, I think simplicity will reign.

So, to any of you who are more curious about who I am, what I do, or what I think, feel free to interact with me whenever! Comments , email (simplermaninfo@gmail.com) , Twitter (@themarkkwak) , Instagram (@simplerman) , Facebook , etc. I’ll make sure to reply to you as quickly as I can, since ultimately, I want to do this to help you.



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